Wednesday, May 5

daytrotter vs. broken bells

Sean and I like to think of ourselves as that hippy-dippy couple who love to go to as many concerts as we can (of course on a tight budget). Well after this summer it will be evident that this just might be true. Last week Sean took me to Milwaukee, WS for the Daytrotter Concert Series featuring Ra Ra Riot, Nathaniel Rateliff & Delta Spirit (also it was our first time in Wisconsin!). It was a night full of thumping Americana rock bands in a pretty vintage venue that is a bit smaller than Caine’s Ballroom in Tulsa, but the space had the same vibrating music milieu. I recommend visiting the Daytrotter Web site where you can download FREE live sessions of many assorted and rockin’ bands. Plus the artwork is pretty groovy:

From Milwaukee back to Chicago we will be visiting the Broken Bells on Memorial Day at the Vic Theatre. This is the ONLY album I can listen to from beginning to end on my train ride to and from work. Without ever changing a beat, the music is full of faraway landscapes that are perfect for gazing out onto the city while the train jumps from track to track. If you have not listened to, bought or even read about this band yet, all I can say is you must, YOU absolutely MUST go get it. Broken Bells belongs to James Mercer of The Shins fame and Brian Burton a.k.a. Danger Mouse, also from Gnarls Barkley - one of my personal favorites. Every single song is addicting (a very rare thing)...these songs are songs to love and maybe even marry one day.

More music to come this summer, so stay tuned....