Thursday, October 28

spider attack!!!

While walking down to Trader Joe's to buy orange juice and cinnamon rolls this morning I came across this scary scene! Ahhhhhh! A HUGE spider climbing up a building downtown! Everyone knows how much I HATE spiders (and sharks)! So I wasn't surprised when I got a little scared and thought "that can't be real, right!?" Of course not! Once you look a little closer at this monstrous spider you will realize that it is just girl spider, she is wearing pink and her eyes are disco balls! So in fact the big spider really isn't that scary, and I actually kind of like her.


Tuesday, October 19

jimmy buffett and parrot heads!

Many people in Sean's family are HUGE Jimmy Buffet fans and it was their goal to get Sean and I to a Jimmy Buffett concert. Well Jimmy just so happen to show up in Chicago this summer and Sean's dad jumped at the chance to take us. I've heard rumors about these Buffent events - parrot heads running around in crazy costumes, LOTS of drinking, games, cookouts, and crazy tailgating. Not only was all of this true but also a whole lot crazier than Sean or I could have imagined! I think these photos will speak for themselves:
Tailgating out of our highlander! Sean has a shark on his head!

Nikki, Leon, Sean and me about to go into the concert.

Party bus!

Me and Nikki in our beautiful grass skirts...
Leon and Sean in our beautiful grass skirts...

Jimmy Buffet saluting the Billy Goat Tavern, "Cheezborger, cheezborger, cheezborger!"
There is a shark in the crowd!

"Goodbye Chicago!" - Jimmy Buffett

Friday, October 15

lucky to have this out-law

I am probably the luckiest girl in the world to have found Sean, and his younger sister Stacy has become not only one of my best friends but I also see her as my little sis too. When I first met Stacy we all met at the Mont for dinner and drinks. I was so nervous! She looked so cute in her pearls and signature leopard cardigan, and I just wanted to hang out with her all of the time after that! Sean and I love going on double date outings with Stacy and Charlie and I CANNOT wait until they make the best decision and move to Chicago! Check out their super sweet engagement pics on her blog The Beginning!

Since Sean and I are not yet betrothed and I can't really refer to Stacy has my sister-in-law so for now she is my sister-out-law and I love her to pieces! These are my top 5 favorite things about Stacy:

1. Her laugh - Stacy loves to laugh and have fun. She really does bring a silly part of Sean and I out whenever she is around us.
2. Her fashion sense - Stacy always knows where to find the best clothes and she always finds them ON SALE! This is a very powerful gift to have...
3. She is afraid of bugs just like me - some of my favorite times with Stacy are when we are trying to layout and we always end up battling all kinds of bugs! Our defense is just running away and we ususally just end up watching TV inside instead.
4. She's the best aunt to Cami - Stacy bought Cams her first dog snuggie, tutu, and pajammas. I can't imagine what she will buy our kids...
5. She is a great friend - Stacy has always been there for me no matter what the situation is and I love her for that. When Stacy asked me to be her maid of honor I was so surprised and I believe I started crying at the Mont. I love you little Rogers!

discovering the king on halloween

Having read every single book in my library I was in need of more books to read while riding the train to work. I came across an old box of Sean's in our storage closet and to my luck it was full of Stephen King books. I thought "perfect for October!" My mom always read Stephen King when I was growing up and so I always ended up watching the movies with her once she finished a book. FYI - never let your 7-year-old watch Stephen King's IT, I was deeply disturbed by that move and my 7-year-old self did not sleep for weeks and had nightmares about that creepy clown! I even tried to read the book in high school and the clown came back in my dreams so I had to quit!

Well so far I have read Salem's Lot (another crazy scary movie), The Dead Zone (suprisingly political based, and not very scary), Thinner (gross and creepy), and I just finished CUJO yesterday!

OMG...Cujo is really, really scary!!! I am a grown woman and I found myself looking at our bedroom closet at night for monsters AND at times Cami (our dog) has made me feel a little uncomfortable...

Doesn't she look kinda suspicious? What is she thinking?
I think today I am going to go buy IT at Borders and challenge myself to read it...I'll let you know what happens...
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Friday, October 8

purse adventure!

My absolute favorite Web site for clothes shopping these days is They have retro fresh styles that I love and at great prices. I also like how ModCloth customers can leave reviews on any item, that way, before I buy something, I can get a good feel on how it is going to fit. Finally, they have created their very own blog which I couldn't be more excited about! Go on a purse adventure to see what kind of purse you need at the moment! I am a "Got this in the bag" career girl!
Got This in the Bag