Thursday, July 28

miller time

Thirsty Thursday! 

Last weekend we visited the MillerCoors Brewing Company in Milwaukee! We went there with Sean's sister and new hubby to see Bon Iver later that night. This tour is FREE and you get lots of beers! My kind of place! 

Fun fact: There are caves under all the buildings where beer is stored all year round. They harvest ice during the winter months and place the blocks in the cave walls to keep it cool! 

Free drinkies! 


Wednesday, July 27

mr. longbrake

Here are some of my favorite wedding images from a recently discovered Chicago photographer. Justin Longbrake keeps it fun, casual and personal, check out his work!

{images Justin Longbrake}


Tuesday, July 26

ladies' man

For all of my friends out there having/had girl babies (there must be something in the water) here is a potential future son-in-law you should keep your eye on! My handsome nephew Mason, so cute and preppy! 

Happy Tuesday!

Wednesday, July 20

sarah seven

Finding a wedding dress at a bridal boutique seems like it can be a happy and exciting time for many girls, a ritual every future bride must do. I have been on few bridal gown searches with friends and here is a classic line from one of those times:

"You can cut that dress after you wear it and dye it a dark green!" - groom's mother

She said this right after my friend found the most perfect dress, and she was dead serious! Why dark green???

So it is no surprise that I have seen many bride's just order their dresses online. It is just you and the computer. The computer won't judge you or your dress. Plus, you can send it right back if you hate it and you haven't disappointed any sales woman.

There are many options these days - J.Crew, Nordstrom, Ivy & Aster, even Anthropologie.

But one of my favorite places to look online is Sarah Seven. All of her gowns and dresses have a unique look, and she sells accessories and other styles of dresses, not just bridal.

Here are a few of my favorites bridal dresses:

{images sarah seven}

Tuesday, July 19

supermodel dog

We took Cams to a different dog beach this past Sunday because the Montrose Beach dog park is just nutso! We finally tried the Foster Beach dog park and we could tell a total difference in Cami's interactions with the other dogs. I don't think we have ever seen her have so much fun. She was running around with the other pups and got in the water pretty deep (she hates to swim)! She was being a social butterfly and ended up being pretty popular with the other dogs! Definitely taking her to this smaller beach from now on! Here is her supermodel beach photo running along the water...haha!

Happy Tuesday!


Monday, July 18

tv time

Finally! After a very cold and boring spring with nothing to watch on TV all of the best shows are back! 

Breaking Bad is finally back and better than ever! I swear that is the only show I watch where I have to cover my eyes because it gets soooooo INTENSE! 

The Big C is so sweet and funny that you forget the entire show is about dealing with cancer. 

True Blood is the best by far with bad vampires, werewolves and NOW witches duking it out! Oh!!!! How I've  missed the opening song on that show annnnd I can't help but have a girl crush on Sookie. ;)

Here is the song I am talking about....I wanna do bad things to hot!

Wednesday, July 13

wedding #1

FYI: I am by NO means getting engaged, married or anything anytime soon!
But I am a girl who likes weddings. I am also a girl who has been in a LOT of weddings. This January will be my 10th turn as a bridesmaid for another one of my closest friends.

So I have decided that I will start dedicating my Wednesday posts to random stuff about weddings that I love and also my history of the weddings I have been in.

Let's start this post with the very first wedding I was ever in! I believe I was only 7 and it was for my dad's wedding to my step mom, Christine. I don't have pictures of the wedding now but will post some once I get my hands on them! Christine looked beautiful and I want everyone to see!

Christine's mom, our Grandma Joe, made the bridesmaids dresses. And I remember getting little pink ballet slippers to wear with the dress that we had to dye blue! We also had to wear bustles under the dresses so they would be nice and poofy! I just remember feeling so pretty, like a little princess!

This is my sister's dress below. I have mine locked away somewhere in storage! You like? :)

Friday, July 1

I love my man

Sean started his new job this week! He is just so super happy and I am so super happy for him. He is the most hard-working, kind, and selfless boss anyone could ever have! Everyone at his work is lucky to have him! We went out celebrating at our local watering hole and this is us waiting for the train home...after a few beers. We just couldn't stop laughing for some reason! :)


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