Tuesday, July 3

3 month hiatus

Wow, has it been 3 months since I last visited my blog??? How can that be!? I hopped on the new job train at the end of March and never got off! The past few months have flown by full of new people, new responsibilities, and lots of new stress!

I just got back from my first ALA Annual Conference in Anaheim as the new awards coordinator for ALSC. I was there for 6 days and I worked my ass off every one of them. I also had the best time and learned so much more about my new job. We have four big programs at the conference every year and they are all awards related. The biggest is our Newbery-Caldecott Awards Banquet where we honor the award winning authors and illustrators. Over 1,000 people attend the event, it takes months to plan and it is HUGE!

I didn't have time to take very many photos when I was there. Actually, I took just one for Sean. Disneyland palm trees!

More updates to come! Plus lots of new photos of the newish apartment! :)