Wednesday, August 31

zombies attack happy couple!

Ahhh...Zombie! This couple decided to do something a little different with their wedding photos and I freaking love it! 

 See all the photos here

Tuesday, August 30

baraboo, wi

This past weekend we drove up to Devil's Lake State Park in Baraboo, WI. We hiked up and down the mountain trails for 3 hours and it was so much fun! We were so proud of Cami for making it up to the top and she never got tired! I was worried the mountain was too steep for her but she was basically pulling us along the trail! See our adventurous pics below!

View of Devil's Lake

Cami resting on a boulder

Pretty WI farmland
Pretty WI barn

Friday, August 26

block after block

I turn 28 soon
Even years are the best
I think I found my 28th year anthem

Download this song
Play it super loud
And dance around

Happy Weekend!  

{Matt & Kim, Block after Block}

moving small

This Saturday Sean and I are going to look at studio apartments in the Wrigleyville and Lincoln Park neighborhoods. We have decided to downsize and move south so Sean will be closer to his job and we can start saving money, since these studios are half the price of what we pay now. 

I'm not gonna lie that I am kinda nervous about living in a studio! How are we going to fit all our stuff in it!? We will definitely be leaving behind a lot of luxuries at our current washer and dryers are few and far between in these neighborhoods, unless you want to pay like $2,000 a month on rent! But I found these faux washer and dryer hampers from CB2 that I am totally going to buy for our soon-to-be tiny home... a girl can pretend right?


Thursday, August 25

i'm gleeked!

I thought I would never say this, EVER, but I LOVE GLEE!!!  
I have officially crossed over to being a Gleek. It happen one day when I was cleaning the house and wanted some kind of TV show on in the background. So I thought I would give the first episode of Glee a try (gotta love instant Netflix!). As I start sweeping the floors I caught myself dancing around to the music then I couldn't take my eyes off the TV! Before I knew it I had just watched the first episode and I was SOBBING! Yes, pathetic...I know, but it was all about chasing your dreams and doing what you love, then they sang Journey....enough said.

Wednesday, August 24

color bar

Kendra Scott makes colorful and romantic pieces for any occasion, but YOU can also create your own color palette to match your wedding colors. I can play with this color bar all day! 
Go here and start creating your own color bar designs! 

Friday, August 19


I am OBSESSED with this planner from Russell+Hazel. I am basically in love with the entire r+h collection. Anyone who knows me knows I love to plan and organize. I love making lists, planning for future events, booking dates, and confirming dates! They even have a wedding planner that I love...eeek!

Isn't it just adorable!? And so practical! I think this would be a great investment for any know I do have a birthday coming up soon.....

Thursday, August 18

space stamp

I want to order a personal return address stamp but can't now because we are renting. I don't want to waste the money on one that we can't use in a few months! Paper Source has some great ones to choose from but I recently came across one on Etsy that is so different and spacy. Sean loves space stuff so I know this is one he can't say no too! 

 Do you see it above on the left side of the envelope? Cool, right!? This address stamp is call Space Age Edgy from Blimp Cat Studio. It's the return stamp of the future!

Wednesday, August 3

flowers by us!

Here are a few pics of the flowers Sean and I did for his sister's wedding a month ago. Sean is surprisingly good at making the arrangements! The photographer also highlighted some of the decor from our Stock the Bar shower we hosted earlier in the week and that is my handwriting on the reserved cards. It was so fun but hard work! 

{images: so darn happy}