Friday, February 18

baby art

I love art and anytime I find a piece I like I always wonder where would it go in our home. These original prints from Cake with Giants (love that name!) are absolutely perfect for a baby's room! Not that I am in a hurry to have kids anytime soon, believe me!  I think these would add a unique flavor to a child's room that they could grow up with and keep for themselves. I just love the pink set the table one...that is definitely going to be for a future little Theta. ; )

The artist also has a blog that I like to look at everyday because her photos are so calming and beautiful, great to look at during a break from work! Did I mention she is from Australia?

Thursday, February 17

trader joe's challenge

One thing Sean and I like to do together is make challenges for ourselves. And we have come up with a new one that I am really excited about doing. Why you ask? involves food of course!

Challenge! We are going to only shop at Trader Joe's for the next four months! Trader Joe's is a really great grocery store here in Chicago that has an uncomplicated selection of everything you need, organic meats and produce, and great wines. But the big thing about this store is that it is really cheap!

Sean and I are slashing our budget in half for the summer so we thought this would be a great way to save money but we also just wanted to see if we can do it! No more V8 juice and Hot Pockets for Sean and no more Lean Cuisines and Fiber One bars for me!

Another plus to this challenge is that Sean got me this great Trader Joe's cookbook for Christmas. Everything in the book is from the store and it shows you what products go well together. Check out this website where you can find the books and other fun cooking things to look at!

Wednesday, February 16

oscar style countdown

The Oscars are this Sunday and I am sooooo looking forward to the red carpet styles for 2011. One of my favorite red carpet gals is Cameron Diaz and last year she was wearing my favorite Oscar night dress by Oscar de la Renta. Don't you just want to wear that dress everyday!?? I love the shape around the waist and the balls of gold dripping down the dress. The other two dresses she wore I love because they are such bold colors, you can't go wrong with a pink or red gown. Her red carpet choices always have a softness to them but they are also very playful and glamorous. I hope she brings her style to this year's Oscars!

{photos from}

happy love day xoxo

After a record fast 12 hour drive from Oklahoma to Chicago, Sean and I got a little time to celebrate Valentine's Day with some Trader Joe's Novella Cab Sav wine and Giordano's pizza. Sean let me rent Date Night again, I think I've seen it like 4 times already...I love that movie!

Here we are being goofy and probably a little delirious after sitting in the car all week. Sean will probably kill me if he knew I posted this pic of him....he is so cute blowing me a kiss!

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Tuesday, February 1

big blizzard of 1967

Today every news outlet in Chicago is calling this blizzard the worst one Chicago has seen since the Big Blizzard of 1967. To me this is really exciting because in Oklahoma if there is even an inch of snow on the ground the whole state shuts down!

It has been over 40 years since Chicago gave the city a snow day. They are calling it the Great Groundhog Day Blizzard of 2011! Don't you just love that name? Chicago is expecting 20 inches of snow, with a snowfall rate of 4 inches per hour, and 60 mph winds!  Beat that Oklahoma! :)  Just kidding...

I found some old pictures of the 1967 blizzard that are so classic. I will have to take some of my own pics tomorrow and compare each blizzard!

City buses stuck on Michigan Ave.

Folks rushing to their local store
Cars stranded along Lake Shore Drive

{photos from the Chicago Tribune}