Friday, April 22

i heart earth

To celebrate Earth Week I thought I would share with you my favorite recycled products that I love. These are all from Uncommon Goods - a great website that has everything from home & kitchen decor to jewelry & accessories, and the best part is that they offer a variety of recycled, one of a kind products!

{reclaimed slate cheese board}   {reclaimed textile spool wine rack}   {recycled newspaper market bag}   {recycled yoga bag}

Wednesday, April 20

little miss sunshine melody

My favorite instrumental soundtrack of all time is from Little Miss Sunshine, which is also one of my favorite movies! I probably listen to at least one of these songs everyday. The melodies are perfect for watching the buildings and people go by while riding the train to work. If you are a fan of instrumental music I really think you would enjoy this soundtrack!

Monday, April 18


Easter is almost here! It is time to find that perfect Easter dress that has all the right colors for egg hunting and family brunch. I use to beg my dad to buy me a new Easter dress every year. I remember one year my dress looked just like Dorthy's from the Wizard of joke. So happy I have no pictures of that dress around! I absolutely love the dresses below (look at that adorable bow!) and the shoes could go with either outfit. For little gifts add the colorful cupcake kit or the salad rabbit ears for the perfect Easter egg basket!

{photos from}

Wednesday, April 13

big song cover

I was a huge fan of Big Love on HBO and now it is over. : ( My favorite wife was Barb because she was passionate and wanted to be her own person towards the end of the show. I love how the story ended and cried and cried through the final scenes of the show due to this wonderful cover of God Only Knows by Natalie Maines. Check it out!

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Tuesday, April 12

spring into music

Over the past few weeks I have been listening to some new/old music that I thought you should check out. We have had a very LONG winter here in Chicago and now we will have just a few weeks of spring then finally summertime! I think these albums kind of reflect that transition in some way...cold and melancholy to warm and happy.

Broken Hearts and Dirty Windows - Songs of John Prine
Bruised Orange (Chain of Sorrow)- Justin Vernon of Bon Iver

Florence and the Machine - Lungs

Rural Alberta Advantage - Hometowns
In the Summertime

{songs from YouTube}

Friday, April 1

glamping? yes please!

Glamping - glamorous camping

The Resort at Paws Up in Montana is my next dream vacation. We love the outdoors and all activities involved, but I am not a fan of camping and Sean would go camping everyday if he could. Miraculously, I stumbled upon glamping at Paws Up where we could do it all!

The luxurious tents have kings beds, electricity and wood floors. The bathrooms have heated tile and each tent has a camping butler! Sounds great right? There is also a camp chef, a spa city and nightly bonfires with s'mores and wine. Check out the website and ask for a brochure. I got mine yesterday and it is just beautiful! Anyone up for glamping with us?