Thursday, November 17

birdie scarf

I bought the CUTEST scarf I have ever owned the other day at the Gap! We were just leaving the store and it was wrapped around a mannequin and I stopped and grabbed it! I told Sean I thought it was soooo adorable, so we turned around and got it! It has little yellow and pink birdies and is my favorite color of dark blue, love it!

Wednesday, November 16

halo + walking on sunshine

I wonder if it would be age appropriate to play this song at my future wedding....I think it would be fun to dance to with my gals!

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, November 15

idaho trip

Last week I was in Idaho for work interviewing libraries for our annual study about technology, funding, etc. I had such a great time at each library and these trips and talking with the librarians really make me appreciate my job a little more. That maybe what we are doing here really matters to them, you know? That is what I hope for in any job I have.

Anyhoo, here are a few pics from my travels. Boise had the best coffee shops on almost every corner, loved it! I can't wait to plan a hiking and kayaking trip here with Sean, also the downtown area was so cute with lots of shops and restaurants. One of the libraries had a big welcome sign for us, and then the town's newspaper, the mayor and a few city council men come out and took us to lunch. I think we felt like celebrities for just a bit...

{1. Hammerhead coffee (yum!) - 2. Mountains @ 6am - 3. Sunrise & mist - 4. Plateaus - 5. More mist! - 6. Welcome ALA sign - 7. View from lunch spot - 8. Cinnamon coffee au lait & bagel w/ apple cinnamon cream cheese (the best!) - 9. Vineyards & apple orchards - 10. Nampa's skating rink - 11. "Lizard" of Lizard Butte - 12. Idaho fries & beer - 13. Boise candy shop!}

Tuesday, November 1

baby elliptical

The weather is starting to get cold and windy in Chicago so it has been stressful trying to fit in a good cardio session outside. We canceled our gym membership to save money so I was really relying on running outside to get the job done. So for a while now I was thinking of getting an elliptical for our place, but with the new move we just won't have the room. I did a little research and found this baby elliptical, the Stamina InMotion, that is super tiny and easy to store!

It had a ton of great reviews on every Web site I researched so I went ahead and purchased it on Amazon. It was around $200 at other stores but I got it on Amazon for $89, deal! It came last night and I put it together in like 30 mins, so easy! It was kind of hard at first to stay balanced but I ended up really liking it. And this morning I notice that my abs hurt and realized this sucker works your core too since you have to balance yourself on it!